Sabadell Metro restarts the excavation Works after more than one year stopped

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Infraestructuras de la generalitat has reached an agreement with the construction companies to finance the Project assuring the continuity of the works.
The project comprises the construction of the Sabadell metro with the aim to connect with the existing railway line to Barcelona. The Metro line includes 5 stations along the city of Sabadell. The stations will be connected with a double tube with an internal diameter of 6 m. The tunnel is lined with precast concrete segments with universal configuration and a thickness of 25 cm.
The TBM with a diameter of 6,7 m is being assembled at the Pozo de Ataque and it is expected that it will start boring at the beginning of March the second tube. The tunnel, with a  total length of 3,450 m including stations will cross three station to end its journey at Sabadell Estación.  The TBM was designed by Herrenknecht to specially deal with the particular geology encounter in Sabadell. The TBM working pressure in the first tunnel was around 1 bar. However, it is expected that in the second tunnel the working pressure will be improved based on the experienced gained in the first tunnel and the studies of the geology performed by Amberg and requested by the constructor.

Amberg was awarded with the supervision and control of the tunnel works. The excavation of the first tube commenced in October 2010 and finished in Dec 2011. The project, that has being stopped several times due to financial difficulties, is expected to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel at the end of the year.