Expert Report for Bioceánico Aconcagua base tunnel

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Safety during operation and construction phase
Category: News
The Private Consortium Bioceánico Aconcagua has handed over to the respective Governments of Argentine and Chile the Preliminary Design of a Railway Corridor planned to connect both countries by a long base tunnel. The Ministry of Public Construction in Chile considered it necessary to evaluate the risks of this important investment and has hired the company Codelco to draw up an Expert Report.
Client: Codelco – Vicepresidencia de Proyectos – Dirección de Minería
Project description:
The “Corredor Bioceánico Aconcagua” will connect Argentina and Chile by means of a railway tunnel with an approximate length of 53 km. The Base Tunnel is located in the Cordillera Andina, characterized by major geological challenges such as rock burst, spalling and squeezing rock.
The Consortium Bioceánico Aconcagua has proposed the construction of the project in three different phases:
- Phase 1: external stretch and single-track base tunnel
- Phase 2: external double-track stretch and single-track base tunnel
- Phase 3: external stretch and double-track base tunnel

Our services:
Amberg Engineering was requested to assess the proposed project and identify the risks during the construction phase in terms of safety and cost. The main consideration is to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed methodology from the technical point of view and the related cost involved. It should also be determined if it complies with the international safety standards during the construction and operation phases.

A general evaluation of the project has been carried out by Amberg experts based on the information that was made available to us and that gathered during the meetings and the presentation that took place in Chile in the first two weeks of August 2012. Amberg has been involved in the majority of the European base tunnel projects, what provides us with an invaluable reference for the evaluation of the present project.